Human Ophthalmic Diseases Database

Ophthalmic diseases are any diseases or disorders that affect human eyes. Some of them are mild and will go away themselves, while others are serious and even life-threatening. In order to better understand the molecular mechanisms of eye diseases and facilitate the treatment of them, we presented the database HODD (Human Ophthalmic Diseases Database). The current version of HODD deposited 730 ophthalmic diseases and 653 related genes from public databases. The detail information about the diseases and their related information could be found in HODD. To facilitate the users to find their interested ophthalmic diseases or related genes, both exact and fuzzy search functions were provided in HODD. Moreover, various browse options, such as disease category, disease name and gene, are provided in the database. We hope that HODD will be helpful in revealing the mechanisms of ophthalmic diseases.

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